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DNAS - Network RAID system.
Features both direct connections to servers and Direct connection to network via 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit  Ethernet,  ATM
or Fibre Channel. Setup  and Administration can be done remotely via a Java application.

FT-RAID - Totally Fault tolerant RAID System.
One of the few totally fault tolerant RAID Systems available on the market. Unlike other RAID systems which claim redundancy, FT-RAID is designed from the ground up for fault tolerance. Every component in FT-RAID is duplexed. Most RAID systems which claim
fault tolerance suffer from the fact that if the back plane becomes faulty the whole system will fail, even though they may have duplexed other components. We know our competitors have very glossy brochures, but the problem is hardly any have a true fault tolerant solution.

RAM-RAID - Worlds fastest RAID System.
RAID system built from solid state RAM disks. Features 4 fibre channel ports, delivering a total bandwidth of 400MB/sec throughput. Access times less than 1ms. Designed to be used for database acceleration, and
very demanding throughput applications.

DNAS is a new type storage technology designed for dynamic networking environments. DNAS delivers significant benefits over traditional server attached storage.

Plug and Play Storage
All DNAS systems come equipped with a direct connection module, which allows them to connect to your existing network, by just plugging them into your network hub. All DNAS units come pre-formatted and RAID 5 configured, thus installation is very simple in fact a typical DNAS unit can be set up and running in less than 15 minutes. There is no need for client licenses or servers.

Universal Accessibility
Virtually any type of client can connect to a DNAS unit, including PC, MAC, SUN, HP IBM,AS400, in fact, any computer you can connect to your network can access a DNAS storage partition. A DNAS storage partition is the area on the the DNAS unit which is reserved for user data. 

Enterprise Storage Management via a Web Browser console
The storage partition, is created and managed via a web browser based management console. The management console is a powerful program which allows you to administer the DNAS system, and incorporates such functions, as allocating storage resources amongst users and setting up a security regime to restrict access based on group or user id. The management console manages all the DNAS units connected to your network. This is a very powerful way to manage the whole of your companies storage resources from one management console. 

Direct Tape Backup
DNAS comes equipped with an integral tape backup option. The system features an external SCSI port, which can be used to connect an external tape device. The tape devices are controlled by an inbuilt tape backup program which is administered via a web browser.

RAID 5 Data Protection
All DNAS units feature RAID 5 data protection. In addition a hot online spare drive is provided. The system constantly monitors the status of all drives, if it detects a drive failure, the hot online spare is automatically activated and takes the place of the spare drive. When the faulty drive is replaced the new drive then becomes the online spare.

Redundant elements to enhance fault tolerance
DNAS units feature a number of redundant elements to enhance the operational fault tolerance of the units. These elements include redundant hot swap power supplies, and online spare hard drives.

Infinite Scalability
Unlike traditional RAID systems with their limitations as to cabling and the number of PCI slots e.t.c. DNAS, units can be scaled infinitely, you can start out with 144GB unit and scale to 8000GB. DNAS features an advanced file system and volume manager which allows the addition of extra storage without the need for rebuilding raid. Storage can be added and become instantly available. 

Infinite Scalability
The systems are designed from the ground up, to optimize I/O processing. Unlike traditional servers which are designed as general purpose computers, and are typically running a large operating system which has to share the workload among competing tasks, DNAS units only do one thing: move data off the disks as fast as possible. DNAS units come equipped with multiple channels for I/O processing. The installation of a DNAS system on a network usually leads to an improvement in general network performance as they offload a lot of typical server processing. DNAS units allow servers to concentrate on running applications such as database, messaging etc rather than managing file I/O. The network performance of DNAS units can be further enhanced via the addition of extra network ports on the DNAS units. The standard ethernet based DNAS unit can have the number of network ports (NICs) increased from 1 to 6, a GIGABIT , ATM, Fibre Channel or Firewire option is also available.

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