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Features and benefits
Document scanning
Bullet Scan colour, greyscale or black & white         
Bullet documents
Bullet Scan single or double sided
Bullet Separate pages automatically at pre-defined 
intervals or using OCR or manually.
Bullet Full support for batch scanning with 
Bullet automatic indexing

Document Viewing
Bullet View colour, greyscale or black & white images
Bullet View documents created using 150 different WP,
spreadsheet and graphic software without the 
need or the original software.
Bullet Annotate and highlight images using simple text,
Bullet highlight, sticky note, and OLE object.
Bullet Convert images to text, WP or spreadsheet files
retaining style fonts, graphics and layout using

Document and Inbound fax routing
Bullet Route images as OLE pointers or embedded
objects via any VIM or MAPI compliant e-mail
system direct from within the EDS software.
Bullet Route images via fax using popular fax servers.
Bullet Automatically route inbound faxes via e-mail 
using DID, CSID or manual fax router.

Document folders and queues
Bullet Easily manage services, folders and queues 
using the EDS browser (similar to Windows 
Bullet Embed folders as OLE pointers or objects into 
any Windows application

Document storage and retrieval
Bullet Store, index and retrieve documents and images
quickly using keywords, document properties and
user defined properties
Bullet Store, index and retrieve documents and images
quickly using keywords, document properties and
user defined properties
Bullet Store documents and images on low cost CD 
ROM media or upgrade to networked Optical 
Jukeboxes supporting millions of documents.
Bullet Secure documents, folders and queues by
specifying user and group permissions to read,
modify, delete etc.

Customisation and application development
Bullet Create bespoke applications controlling imaging
Bullet functions built into EDS software using OLE 
Automation, DDE or the Developers Toolkit using tools like Visual Basic, Delphi, Power Builder 
and Lotus Notes.

System Specifications
Technology: CCD image sensor
Resolution: 200 240 300 dpi
Greyscale: 8 bit (256 greyscale)
Colour: 24 bit (16 million colours)
Scanning Speed Pages per minute: 10ppm
1 x A4 Size 200 DPI: 5 seconds
Document feeding modes: Auto Sheet Feeder (ADF)
Flatbed (FB)
Maximum ADF Capacity: 50 sheets
Document Sizes: B5 & A4
Interface: SCSI
Power Consumption: 35W
Dimensions: 6.3" x 22" x 13.6"
Weight: 30 lbs

Scanner Upgrade Options:
SC-2 27ppm A4 Duplex
SC-3 10ppm A4/A3 Flatbed
SC-4 27ppm A4/A3 100 sheet ADF
SC-5 80ppm A4/A3 Duplex 1000 sheet ADF
SC-6 A0 (continuous form)

Archive Mechanism
Technology: CD Recorder
Data Capacity: 640MB
Documents per CD: 10,000
Recording Speed: 4X: 600KB/sec
Read Speed: 6x: 900KB/sec
Buffer size: 2MB
Interface: SCSI
Power Consumption: 11W
Dimensions: 170mm x 68mm x 327mm
Weight: 3kg

Upgrade Options:
NTAR-1 100GB Fault Tolerant Archive Server
NTAR-2 200GB Fault Tolerant Archive Server
NTAR-3 500GB Fault Tolerant Archive Server
NTAR-5 1.6TB Fault Tolerant Archive Server


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