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ImageDocument Capture and Electronic Archive - Step by Step
EDS Professional implements the document capture and electronic archiving process in several distinct steps. Each of these steps is integrated via internal workflow queues.

1. Batch Preparation
The efficiency of production input systems comes from their batch orientation. Typically, pages are prepped, sorted into batches of similar documents (for example, purchase orders, invoices, etc.), 
and then scanned. EDS Professional supports batch processing 
and provides an administrator with the ability to predefine multiple document classes, which allows a scanner operator to quickly tell 
the system what type of document to expect. Documents can be automatically separated within batches whether with job separator sheets or with bar codes printed directly on the pages.

2. Scanning
EDS Professional comes as standard with a 10PPM (pages per minute) heavy duty document scanner, upgrade options include high end video and SCSI models supported by Kofax accelerators. Support for both Simplex and duplex scanning as well as the ability to run the production scanners at their full rated engine speeds is a feature of the EDS Professional scanning facility.

3. Indexing & OCR
Indexing is the most critical and time consuming step in the capture process. The index is the key to retrieving the document and EDS Professional provides several metho EDS to cut down on operator errors and speed the indexing process:

OCR can be used to read indexing zones previously defined by the document class. This allows the index operator to simply check the accuracy of the OCR rather than keying every index field by hand. Bar Code recognition provides another highly reliable alternative, method for indexing batches. EDS Professional supports most popular bar code types.

4. Electronic Archive
The final phase of the process involves archiving the documents onto long term permanent storage media.

EDS Professional comes as standard with a CD writer. Which allow a user to archive up to 10,000 documents after compression on to each CD. Upgrade options include optical Jukeboxes capable of holding millions of documents and sharing the information with a network of users.



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