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Providing the solutionsImage
But what really makes EDS software a powerful addition to your desktop product set, is its image enabling capabilities and its support for ODE and OLE.

The EDS software provides an imaging service to any OLE or DDE compliant application. As a result, complete custom solutions, that save time, increase productivity and automate workflow, can be created using familiar development tools like FoxPro, Visual Basic, Paradox for Windows, or BeyondMail.

All of the EDS software functionality can be controlled from within these applications using buttons, menus or the application's tool bar.

One example of the type of application that can be created in this way is a bought ledger and invoice sign off system. In this system, invoices and delivery notes are scanned and stored as thumbnails within the bought ledger database. When an invoice needs to be signed off, an OLE thumbnail of it is automatically 

sent to the supervisor within an e-mail message. The supervisor can then view the details of the invoice, sign it off using an electronic password or highlight any problems using the annotation tools. The bought ledger is then updated automatically and a cheque is raised and printed.

ImageScale solutions to meet business needs
Different companies have different requirements from document imaging. One company may only need a two user archiving system, whilst other businesses will need to include document imaging on all of their users desktops. The EDS software is completely scaleable from one user, scanning and storing document images on a standalone PC, to literally thousands of users, operating over a client/server network with multiple image servers, optical storage, scan stations and integrated fax gateways. What's more, scaling applications does not require any time consuming re-working.

Manage high volumes of data easily
The EDS software provides a range of functionality to manage large volumes of paper quickly, easily and effectively. These include batch scanning, where pages are separated into variable length documents and indexed automatically using OCR, and a production capable, scaleable image server. The result is that corporates are using EDS software for both large scale production systems and enterprise - wide ad-hoc imaging.


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