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ImageThe solution to the problems of paper lies with document storage. By literally turning your paper into electronic images, you can use your computer to manage and communicate the information it contains, more easily and more effectively.

The EDS solution is at the forefront of document imaging. It is also the only product that allows you to image enable your existing applications and:

Bullet  Improve decision making by integrating paper based information, for example press reviews, CV's or invoices, with the information you already store or communicate electronically. Thereby allowing all users to access and use it quickly and easily.

Bullet  Cut costs by storing document images on low cost, physically small, `optical jukeboxes' and removing the need for photocopiers, fax machines and paper by 
sharing those documents electronically.

Bullet  Save time by automatically tiling and managing document images and faxes so 
that they can be found and retrieved quickly.

ImageBullet  Remove the need for re-keying by `reading' paper documents using optical character recognition (OCR) and translating them into text which can be pasted into other applications or stored as word processor documents for editing and/or inclusion in reports and letters.

Bullet  Increase effectiveness by annotating document images using easy to use   highlighting, text and arrow tools so that users can find the key information they need instantly.

Bullet  Increase productivity by integrating EDS with application development tools including Lotus Notes, Visual Basic, , Paradox for Windows, Access and FoxPro and building custom applications that automate paper based business


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