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SCSI RAID 5 system


MAXI RAID is a high performance PCI RAID 5 system. The RAID system comes complete with a PCI RAID host controller. The drives are mounted in an external cabinet with hot swap drive carriers and redundant power supply.

SCSI with cables 
and terminator:

EZ RAID Express is a simple external hardware RAID 1. It appears as a single drive letter. EZ RAID Express requires no software to be installed on host system.

Electronic document storage allows paper documents to be stored and searched in an online archive. The system supports batch and duplex scanning of documents. The system is a complete out of the box solution for document management, imaging, and supports workflow procedures, allowing the investment in documents archive technology to be fully utilized.


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DNAS: (direct network attached storage) is a versatile, network attached storage device. The NAS unit features RAID 5 data protection. The network attached storage allows easy connection to any network, with any type of client: PC, MAC, SUN. The network attached storage device is administered via a web browser and can be installed by non technical users. The network storage can be expanded to 8000GB of online storage. The DNAS network attached storage device is available in both fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet and fibre channel versions

Version Now Available
Gigabit Ethenet
Fire Wire
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Hardware & Software
independent RAID solution 
just plug and go

EZ RAID is a high performance RAID system. It is totally hardware and software independent. EZ RAID just connects to your computer and appears like a standard drive. EZ RAID supports multiple host connection and is cluster ready.

EZ RAID is available in both fibre channel and SCSI versions. Multiple fibre channel and SCSI connections allow up to 8 servers to share same RAID system.

Capacities from 288GB to 8000GB


Maxi CD Server, delivers CD & DVD server capabilities, in a convenient low cost solution. The CD Server allows CD's to be cached to an internal hard drive, where connected workstation can view them as virtual CD Shares. Allows any workstation on the network to read or write a CD. The system supports PC, MAC and Unix clients. A CD or DVD writer can be connected to allow CD's to be written via users. The system supports unlimited users with no license requirements.



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